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Whitney graduated in 2007 with her Doctorate degree from Washington University in St Louis. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Oklahoma State University. She has been practicing as a physical therapist for 12 years and specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction for the last 6 years. Whitney’s physical therapy training is focused on MSI- Movement Systems Impairment by Dr. Shirley Sahrmann. Whitney has combined her knowledge of MSI and pelvic floor treatment to establish her own unique method of treatment called the R.I.S.E method. She has identified several shoulder, lumbar, hip and knee movement impairments that are re-occurring with her pelvic floor clients. Therefore, her treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction encompasses the entire body to provide an individualized rehabilitation program that is like

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no other. R.I.S.E. stands for; RELEASE, ISOLATE, STRENGTHEN, AND EVOLVE. Whitney is actively pursuing certification of achievement in pelvic physical therapy through the APTA, certification of birth healing specialist through the institute for birth healing, and a certification as a breastfeeding counselor with Breastfeeding USA. She is skilled in manual therapy, myofascial cupping, myofascial and visceral release, muscle energy technique, biofeedback, movement disorders, and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction of women and children. She opened her own company in October of 2019, Balanced Pelvic Health in order to be able to reach and help more women in her community and beyond.


In 2013 Whitney found out that she was pregnant with her second sweet baby. Her first baby, a baby girl born in 2011, was born via cesarean after long labor leads to fetal distress. Her recovery was great and her beautiful girl was healthy, but she longed to experience a natural birth. She spent her second pregnancy researching VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean, she changed obstetricians and hired a doula. She thought she had researched it all, but one thing she had forgotten was how to push and the importance of pelvic floor health. Her sweet 8-pound 9-ounce baby boy was born after a long hour of coached pushing, and with the help of an episiotomy. The “purple pushing” and episiotomy left her pelvic floor weak and injured. Whitney focused on recovering from delivery and quickly realized how few resources were available for new moms struggling in the postpartum period. Then one day it clicked that she loved talking about and helping other women with these issues. Whitney found a mentor and began her training courses for pelvic floor physical therapy and began practicing in 2015. In 2016 she found out she was pregnant, and six weeks later she learned it was twins. Even though the twins were born via cesarean the weight of carrying two babies worsened her pelvic floor symptoms and left her with a diastasis recti. Thankfully, Whitney had the knowledge and experience to recover from another difficult postpartum period, and she longed for more women to have the same knowledge. That is when her Instagram account was born. She couldn’t go back and change her story, but maybe she can change yours. She now realizes that her surprise twin pregnancy was all part of HIS plan.  She has now experienced many of the diagnoses that she treats, and it has made her a more efficient, creative, and encompassing clinician. It is what makes her different. It is what makes her better.In 2019, Whitney finally took the leap to open her own practice, Balanced Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy. After opening her doors, her practice grew quickly! She added to her team starting in fall of 2021, and is opening a second clinic location in Owasso, Ok in 2022!

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