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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Accept Insurance? 

Yes, this is what makes us unique.We continue to find a way to offer one on one quality care in a peaceful setting while accepting most insurance plans. We believe that access to quality pelvic health care is crucial and we don't want to limit access to those in need. We will be happy to check your eligibility and benefits prior to your arrival once you have booked an appointment.

2. What does a pelvic floor evaluation involve?

If you come for pelvic floor dysfunction you can expect a general physical therapy evaluation that will include strength, range of motion, and movement analysis. If your intake forms suggest pelvic floor deficits a pelvic exam will be recommended. 

3. What does a pelvic exam involve?

We do not use stirrups or a speculum to assess the pelvic floor. Your therapist will insert one lubricated gloved finger to palpate the pelvic floor muscle strength and assess for any pain. You always have the right to pass on the internal exam.  

4. How many visits will I need to get better?

Every case is unique, but we recommend scheduling 4-6 visits. We can always cancel the remaining visits if goals are achieved. We typically see clients 1 time a week for an hour visit. Balanced Pelvic Health clinic is unique because we offer one on one visits. 

5. I live far away and can't travel weekly or I can't afford to come that often, can I still make progress?

We will always do our best to accommodate your schedule, budget, and availability. We can offer telehealth and mobile PT if you can't make it into the office.

6. I can't find childcare for my children, can I bring them with me? 

Absolutely, Whitney the clinic owner is a mom of 4 and understands the challenge of finding time for appointments. She created her office to be kid-friendly, and with prior notice may even be able to offer in-office childcare.  She will even come to your home if it is easier for you.

7. Does Balanced Pelvic Health treat men?

We do not treat men. We are happy to refer you to a therapist that does.

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