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Introducing a new Group Fitness like no other! 

4 Different Group Fitness Classes: These classes created by a doctor of physical therapy with a focus on bridging the gap between the third and 4th trimester, no more guessing which program is right for you.


Think Barre with a stroller! Bring your child along for this interactive class! We will be incorporating your strollers & children as part of the work out! Stop wondering which exercise program is safe for you during the postpartum phase. This is the only local group fitness class created by a pelvic floor physical therapist. Stop searching for the right fitness program, come get Stoller Strong.


Body Strong is a high-intensity cardio-focused class. This class is intended for moms past 3 months post-partum. Come and sweat with a community of moms, and get Strong and confident. You won't have to worry about leaking urine while jump roping or during jumping jacks. This class is intended for Mom's of all stages. It focuses on the common areas of weakness found; glutes, core, pelvic floor, and shoulders. 

CoreStrong_Blue (1).png

Core Strong is a class that focuses on pelvic floor and core strength. This class is safe to attend after six weeks postpartum. If you are looking for a drop in class to work on core and plevic floor strength this is a great fit!


The Rise Method is Whitney's first-ever group fitness class. This class is re-occurring for 12 weeks. The Rise Method is perfect for a newly postpartum momma looking to regain her strength after giving birth. However, remember once postpartum, always postpartum. The Rise Method can help you at any stage of life regain core strength, decrease back/pelvic pain, and reduce incontinence or diastasis recti.

Level: Beginner

Next Class:

January 8th at 10:00 am


Brand new Summer 2020! Whitney is excited to announce her first-class targeted towards pregnant mommas. Whitney wanted to provide a class that focuses on getting your body ready for delivery and one that helps promote a painfree pregnancy. The class will help reduce pain** by improving tissue mobility, muscle flexibility, and strength. The class will also include education on safe pushing techniques and postpartum rehab.

Level: Beginner 


Januay 2022


Brand new Summer 2021! Whitney is excited to announce The Rise Method Aquatic series. Whitney wanted to provide a safe way to transition back to impact exercises. The buoyancy of the water has been shown to not only be protective of the joints and spine but it is also better for the pelvic floor. We will be using the water to prepare you to resume running, orange theory, CrossFit, lifting and more, safely, pain-free, and without urinary leakage after baby. This class will be held 2x/week and will run for a month.

Level: Advanced 


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