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Welcome to Balanced Pelvic Health

& Physical Therapy

"We help busy women who are dealing with diastasis recti, leakage and pain return safely, without limitation to the active lifestyle they love."



I'm Dr.Whitney Ellsworth.DPT

 A Physical Therapist with a specialty in helping moms from pregnancy and beyond, and women with pelvic pain.

Do you leak urine? Experience pain with intimacy? Do you have ongoing tailbone/back/pubic pain after birth? Are these things limiting you from enjoying your new baby? Or from returning to the exercise program you used to love?   

Whitney can help, and she understands because she has been there.

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Now offering telehealth!

Avoid exposure to busy outpatient PT clinics, or avoid having to take your children out or pay for a babysitter.

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Katie H.

I am so grateful to have found Whitney; she is amazing at what she does! I had lingering pelvic pain after having my second baby, and it was not getting better after regular chiropractic care. My chiropractor gave me Whitney's name, and I started seeing her for pelvic floor physical therapy shortly after. Whitney is terrific at working with you to identify the issues you are having and find the best treatment plan for you. She is professional and personable—she truly cares about the well-being of her patients, and it shows through her care! I would highly recommend her and pelvic floor physical therapy to any postpartum mama!

Crystal R.

Whitney helped me regain sensation, control, and strength after a severe childbirth injury. I think every woman should be assessed postpartum! Whitney is great!

Emily C.

Whitney is an incredible PT and person. I had crippling pelvic pain during my third pregnancy, and Whitney helped me significantly. For my 4th pregnancy, I had the good fortune of working with Whitney throughout and then during my recovery. I can't speak highly enough. With her help, I was able to continue working and seeing patients of my own comfortably. She's extremely knowledgeable and works with you towards your specific goals. I recently started her RISE program as well, and it's fantastic.

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