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I hate Kegels....

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

This blog post includes affiliate links to products I LOVE!

There I said it, I have a hatred for doing Kegels. They are boring and to be honest, they are hard to do correctly. It is so common for mothers to come into my office for an evaluation and I discover all of their previous efforts of Kegels were simply a waste of time because they are not doing them correctly. Most commonly they are not activating the "anterior muscle fibers" or the front side of the pelvic floor. The part of the muscles that attach up by the urethrae are not getting activated during the "Kegel". Go ahead and try it! Do a Kegel, now where do you feel it the most? Likely you feel your anus squeezing shut, but can you feel the tissues by the urethra? No? Me either, I feel your struggle.

Even as a pelvic PT I had no idea I was not doing my Kegel correctly until I used the On Joy. The On Joy is an excellent tool I recommend for my clients that are struggling to get their pelvic floor activating correctly. It gives you a visual cue for if you are activating correctly. I am a visual learner so seeing a chart that guides me correctly is very helpful. It was not until I used the On Joy that I realized how incredibly hard I had to work to get a good pelvic floor activation. My second baby and tough delivery damaged my pelvic floor, and the On Joy was crucial for me to get those fibers working again.

So, here is the deal. The On Joy is an excellent tool, but my client's compliance with it has been fair. They have struggled to find the time to insert it, work with it, and clean it. I will still recommend the On Joy and it has its strengths (price!), but I want to introduce you to my new favorite product! The ELITONE!

The ELITONE solves my client's number one challenge with doing their homework.....time!

Meet the ELITONE, it does the work for you! The ELITONE is a pelvic floor stimulator. It sends stimulation to the pelvic floor which performs a kegel for you. The stimulation activates the muscle fibers more strongly and effectively than doing it on your own. The ELITONE has been tested in clinical research studies and has had great results! It has been found to reduce leakage by 71-95% in as little as six weeks!

That is not even the best news. The ELITONE can be worn during your daily activities because the electrode is worn outside as a pantyliner. It is the only device on the market that does not need to be inserted inside your vagina. This is huge y'all! This means you can exercise your pelvic floor, while you work, while you grocery shop, and while you take care of your kids.

The ELITONE does come with a steep price tag at $299. However, they offer a money-back guarantee as well as many flexible payment plans. You can also use your FSA/HSA account AND many insurances will cover the cost.

You can listen to my review on the product here!

I DO NOT like to recommend things that I have not trialed myself. So I ordered the ELITONE a few weeks ago. I give it my support. If you want my tips and tricks on using it successfully you can download them below!

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