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Balanced for Birth Mini Workshop

Balanced for Birth mini-workshop will help you stay pain-free during pregnancy! Learn more by clicking here!

Owasso, OK

Full Bloom Group

Full bloom is another name for "due date" group. This is a group that is available to join based on when how far along you are in your pregnancy. It is guided by a pelvic floor PT and will include educational courses on the following:

  • Pain during pregnancy

  • How to properly push for delivery

  • Recovery postpartum (vaginal & csection)

  • Postpartum pelvic floor & core program 

  • Lactation Education

  • Doula Education for pain management during delivery & stages of labor

  • Sleep consultant education

  • Nutrition during & After Pregnancy

  • Pediatric developmental milestons: learn how to avoid things like flathead and how to encourage tummy time.

  • Support from a community of women going through exactly what you are going through

  • Sign up Here

Balanced for Birth 6 Week Class

The six-week class series will keep you pain-free during pregnancy, teach you how to avoid pelvic floor damage during delivery and how to safely regain strength in the postpartum period! Learn more here!

Owasso, OK & Tulsa, OK

Balanced Babies

Coming Soon

The RISE Method  6 Week Series

This class is perfect for someone that is looking to find out what is limiting their pelvic floor and core from functioning as it should. If  you have tried other things or exercise programs, but you are not seeing results then this class is for you. Join a community of women all working towards the same goals.

Support Groups coming Soon



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