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Discovery Visit

Whitney offers Free 30 minute visits to discover your goals for physical therapy, and determine a proposed treatment plan. This is great if you are unsure if PT is a good fit for you.


Discovery Call

If you are interested in learning more about pelvic health PT or have general questions a 20 minute free discovery call is perfect for you.


Postpartum Check Up

Are you wondering if you are ready to return to your prior exercise routine after birth?Are you wondering if your pelvic floor is healthy after birth? Schedule a postpartum check up!

Prices Vary

PT Evaluation

Full physical therapy assessment; this will allow Whitney to identify your needs, set up goals and plan of care. 

Prices Vary

Follow Up Visit

Follow up visits allow Whitney to perform the required treatments, and establish home exercise programs to allow you to meet your goals. The number of visits required varies, but average 4-12.

Prices Vary

Mobile PT

Whitney offers Mobile PT visits as needed. These are great for new moms that don't want to bring a new baby out. Moms that cant arrange chidlcare to make appointments. Clients that can not get away from work. Let Whitney come to you.

Prices Vary

Clogged Milk Duct Treatment

PT has been found to be beneficial in reducing the onset of mastitis. PT treatment includes; lymph drainage, moist heat, and ultrasound treatment. Whitney is available to come to you, or perform the treatment in your office. Please call to schedule. Treatment needs to be done very soon after onset of symptoms of clogged duct.

Prices Vary

Telehealth Consult

If you are unable to locate a pelvic PT in your area, Whitney is available for telehealth.

Prices Vary

Manual Therapy

Whitney offers various manual therapy services including; cold laser therapy, myofascial release, visceral release, ultrasound therapy, cupping, Instrument assisted myofascial release, muscle energy technqiues.

Prices Vary

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